Marketing Management 101

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Enrolled: 33 students
Duration: 10 hours
Lectures: 8
Video: 9 hours
Level: Advanced
Marketing business concept on the virtual screen.

Successful marketing aims to optimize the value that you provide and the value you receive in return from clients. Understanding the purpose of the company can help you understand better how firms work with their consumers. You may distinguish yourself from the competition by knowing how to properly publicize and leverage each distribution channel. You will learn more about the main functions and their connection to the business strategy of modern marketing. The function of advertising and distribution in digital marketing is also taken into account.

  • Marketing Essentials
  • Marketing MIX
  • Marketing Strategies
  1. Describe several marketing techniques and organizational choices
  2. Identify the primary marketing function objectives of companies
  3. Identify crucial online marketing qualities
  4. Recognize market segmentation descriptions and target positioning strategies for their descriptions
  5. Identify marketing mix components
  6. Identify current marketing mix elements

During this course, the instructor will take the chance to meet online on a specific date and time to meet with you to collaborate with you and elaborate the knowledge among peer participants.

Starting Course

Lesson 1 – What is Marketing?

What is Marketing?

Why is marketing important?

What is the scope of marketing?

What are some fundamental marketing concepts?

How has marketing management changed?

What are the tasks necessary for successful marketing management?

Lesson 2 – Developing Marketing Strategies

Developing Marketing Strategies & Plans

How does marketing affect customer value?

How is strategic planning carried out at different levels of the organization?

What does a marketing plan include?

Lesson 3 – What is a Marketing Intelligence System?

What is a Marketing Intelligence System?

Lesson 4 – Creating Long-Term Loyalty Relationships

Creating Long-Term Loyalty Relationships

Lesson 5 – Identifying Market Segments and Targets

Identifying Market Segments and Targets

Lesson 6 – Creating Brand Equity

Creating Brand Equity

Lesson 7 – Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Lesson 8 – Designing and Integrating Marketing Communications

Designing and Integrating Marketing Communications

Marketing Management 101
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